Christmas Shopping

I absolutely love to do it! I could care less if I get any gifts in return, but I LOVE shopping for other people! Matt and I found a few things last weekend when we were in Tulsa, but I ventured out by myself this weekend (no offense, but alot more can be accomplished when you don’t have a guy on your tail all day long).

Last year, I found myself doing alot of online shopping because 1) Tulsa at Christmas time is hell (not right, I know, but true) 2) there are great deals to be found on the Web and 3) Tulsa at Christmas time is hell! I recall sitting in traffic for nearly 30 minutes one night just trying to get from one city block to the next. That is not my definition of fun Christmas shopping!

In Wichita, you don’t really have to deal with traffic on the roads as much as you do the traffic in the stores – it’s like someone posted a sign that said ‘EVERYONE GO TO THIS STORE TODAY!!!!!”. Holy cow — walked into Gordman’s and turned right back around to go to my car! The lines were ridiculous!

I did find some good stuff though… I have knocked out a few people on the list. Next weekend, I will tackle even more. I did do some more online shopping for things for Matt, but other than that… I’ve stuck to the stores this year. Only because it’s possible to accomplish things in Wichita…. and Tulsa was hell (did I mention that yet?!).

Happy Shopping everyone!

PS. Matt and I got our tree up on Thursday, somehow ended up in a fight over something and didn’t get to decorate until Saturday afternoon — but we are very pleased with it! We also got our first stockings… I love Pottery Barn! 🙂 Pictures will follow when I get my camera back from the antique store — accidentally took it out to take pictures of a cool cabinet and then went off and left it! Oops! Thank goodness the lady knows me and my mom really well (we frequent her store!).


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