New Obsession

I guess I easily fall into obsessions. Way back in the day, it was New Kids on the Block, followed by Hanson. I was (and still am) a huge Harry Potter fan. My obsessions usually involve heavy internet stalking, blog reading, bio reading, etc. It’s a full-on obsession.

And I officially have a new one.


Yes, you’ve probably heard about it. The movie came out a few weeks ago. I for one knew very little about the four-book series until a radio DJ was talking about it on his morning show, saying that he was really into it and was comparing it to Harry Potter (my ears perked up because like I said, HP is one of my obsessions!).

I didn’t really think anything else about it until I went to lunch with two of my coworkers. One of them, for some reason (which I understand completely now) was talking about the books and I was asking her questions about it and all she could tell me was that it was incredible! She said that she bought the first one and couldn’t put it down. And with that, I asked her if I could borrow the first book, ‘Twilight’, from her. She brought it to me the next week. And from there… I’m a believer.

I started book one on Tuesday and finished it Thursday, during Thanksgiving at my aunt’s. I got into a very deep conversation with my 13 & 14-year-old cousins (don’t judge!) about the book and the movie. Abby has the entire series and it took all of her not to give me every detail of the other three books… I had to shush her many times and do earmuffs to myself so I didn’t hear of any details that would kill the final books for me!

She asked if I wanted to borrow the second book, ‘Eclipse’… and while trying to make sure Matt didn’t see (apparently since my new obsession began, I have talked very little to him because I have been doing nothing but reading!), I shook my head yes and ran away with book two!

Well… I started book two on Thursday and finished it early this morning.

I know, I know. You’re thinking I’m insane. You can’t believe that I would spend so much time reading a silly book series.

But you cannot dog on me until you go and read the first three chapters of ‘Twilight’. If after that, you still think I’m insane, it will be fine to let me know! But not until then!

I’m going to the movie tomorrow night and cannot wait… though I’m worried for my husband. I have a huge crush on a certain vampire (yep, the books deal with vampires — again, hold your tongue!) who is perfect and beautiful… only problem with him is that he likes to drink blood. But really, can I really hold that against him?! 🙂

SO…. when you get a chance, buy the book. You can get it for $5 in paperback almost anywhere. I personally will reimburse you $5 if you don’t like the book and don’t fall in love with Edward Cullen (in the movie, the Edward characte also played Cedric in Harry Potter… for those HP fans).

Now go find your nearest bookstore. Happy reading!

(PS. Meg, I know you have a secret passion for teenage love dramas — Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl. You must go get this book and read when Stella is napping!)

Pic 1: ‘Twilight’ poster
Pic 2: I have a crush on a vampire. Do you see why?! 🙂


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