I’m so thankful for…

My husband of 3 months, but BF for almost 8 years (WOAH), my wonderful family, Coke products, Wrigley, the Clark’s, Internet, antique stores, smart-ass humor, Harry Potter, cold weather, agenda planners, Christmas smells, paychecks (that I was just handed!), babies and two-year-olds, Manhattan, Sex & the City, cute coats, the Doty clan, cheap gasoline, online banking, wedding dress preservation, pilgrims, Fatcatrocks.com, text messages, phone calls from Annie, routines, Christmas music, paid-off credit cards!, Dillon’s, work holidays, a clean house, 320 and our little mascot baby, Kappa’s young and old (meaning my friends and Lauren’s friends!), my little Grand Am that made it through four years of hell, memories, Hanson, snow, Sedan, hot tubs, Facebook, the Muppets, traditions, K-State, lake houses, Bob, Sports Daily, Mac computers, Aunt Sherron’s goolash and on time flights.

I didn’t even go back and look at my list from last year!

I am very blessed and very thankful for the life that I have… I should probably pinch myself every day! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!


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