Tis the Season…

Yes, it is still November… I know. And I also know that we still haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving. But I decided that today would be the day I dig out all of my Christmas decorations and get to work. Matt and I are leaving on Wednesday to go home and won’t be come back to Wichita until Sunday. For that reason, I feel that it was OK to start putting up the Christmas deco’s!

It was quite the productive weekend… We cleaned the basement yesterday afternoon (because we decided that we should really start to make an attempt to finish it sometime in the near future!), which entailed LOTS of sweeping and cleaning of all the dust and ‘extra stuff’ that fell to the floor while the ceiling and walls were worked on in August. We decided we are not the smartest human beings in the world when we came upstairs to see our entire house coated in white dust (we had the shop vac on in the basement and it stirred everything up which traveled upstairs!). I was trying to not have a nervous breakdown (since I’m a CLEAN FREAK and I had just cleaned that morning!). I waited until this morning to get out the wet vac and get to work!

Once I got the floors cleaned, I decided to rearrange the furniture so we’d have a good spot for our Christmas tree … after some careful planning, I started moving! Rearranging furniture, decorating and cleaning are my versions of f-u-n!!! 🙂 I spent the majority of the morning and early afternoon doing those three things and in the end, I think it turned out pretty well! I have some things I still want to do to the outside to spice it up – looks a bit drab! But I’m pretty content with the inside. I have a few of the cylinder vases to get from mom’s next weekend to bring back and fill with ornaments and after that, I should be done!

Next up, Christmas tree shopping. Matt asked if I’d just like to cut one down. I said, “You mean from a Christmas tree farm? FUN!” He replied with, “Uh… it would be from a farm!” I’m not sure I want to make an attempt at searching for a tree at Hillcrest Farms… that’s why God invented Christmas tree farms… or Lowe’s (that is now conveniently located about a block from our house).

Happy decorating!


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