One Great Night…

When I heard they were coming to town, the first person I alerted was Jenna, since her birthday was on Monday and I thought this would be a great way to celebrate! Unfortunately, Jenna was unable to attend. But then Lauren stepped in and decided to come down so I’d have someone to go with. She was also a big fan back in the day so it wasn’t like she was being forced. Yes folks… we saw Hanson last night!

First, I must say this: I definitely reverted back to my 14-15 year old days when they actually came on stage last night. I’ve been to many concerts in my lifetime and have never been one to have a freakout moment… but when it is your favorite boy band from a time in your life when your heart would melt whenever you heard them, you are allowed a freakout moment (mine involved high knee kicks and prancing around Lauren while screaming!).

BUT… I also must say that there are people in this world that are MORE freakish than I when it comes to Hanson. Some girls decked their car out in Hanson symbol drawings, others wore very little clothing on their overweight bods and jumped up and down, while pumping their fists in the air and jumping on Lauren’s feet the entire night! I can officially say I was not one of those girls! But I do appreciate their love for them and am happy that Hanson still has a following … might be strange girls, but hey, it’s a following!

Lauren and I got there a little early and listened to the opening acts. One band was a bunch of major tools that actually brought up the election and asked who voted for Obama (seriously, do they not know where they are?!!!) and the next group was pretty fantastic! His name is Matt Wertz ( in case you want to check him out) and he played acoustic with a buddy… seriously had goose bumps through every song he played, which to me always signals ‘good singer’!

Finally, Lauren and I finished our drinks (very strange to be able to drink at a Hanson concert — the last time I saw them, I was about 6 years away from the legal drinking age and now I’m about 6 years past the legal drinking age)! We moved to the side so I could try and get picture of them when they walked from their dressing room to the stage. Once they walked out, I was jumping up and down too much to get a shot of them walking on! 🙂

In the end, we had an awesome time! They played alot of their new stuff, but also alot of their oldies — Mmmbop, Where’s the Love, I Will Come to You, Penny and Me, If Only … such a good time! Taylor (who officially does NOT look like a 14-year-old girl anymore … PS. I NEVER thought he looked like a girl!) thanked everyone for sticking with them for 10 years … Almost made me shed a tear for a few reasons: I can’t believe it was that long ago that I was carrying my discman all around Hawaii listening to only Hanson all day every day , I can’t believe that I’m married to Matt and not Taylor Hanson and I hope that 10 years from now, I’m still jumping up and down for them (and trying not to break a hip!).


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