Seems strange…

How is it that I have been on the job hunt since July and had no nibbles and in the span of a week, I’ve had two (hopefully three) big bites?!! Everything happens all at once for me when it comes to jobs… so strange.

I have my second interview with Wichita Festivals on Friday. I had “homework” from them that I had to have completed by today at noon so I finished those up last night. I wanted so badly to have them in by Sunday, but even though it was just two questions, I wanted the answers to be perfect. I was about to email my responses back last night, but right before I sent them, I changed my mind on one of my answers and had to rework it. So I think that’s a good sign … I want the answers to be great because I’m really interested in this job.

Last night, I got an email from Tessa (Kappa sister!) about a job opportunity with Sullivan, Higdon and Sink ( — great website — pretty funny and smart ass’ish, which is my kind of humor!) as a Team Coordinator. She gave me the email of one of the women at the company and I sent her my resume. I just got off the phone with her about 10 minutes ago and it went great! In the first three minutes of the conversation, after explaining how Tessa and I know each other, I discovered that she is a Kappa! She went to Texas Tech (which I won’t hold that against her, no one is perfect!) and said she has forgotten how to do our ‘secret handshake’ and I said I’ve never been able to do it correctly so we can re-learn together (hello corny Allyson!). Anyway, she talked about the open position, the skills for the position (extremely high-level of organization — me to a T, right?!) and the atmosphere of the company. I’m going to meet with her next Wednesday to tour the offices and meet with staff. We’ll see how it goes!

So, like I said last week, things are starting to look up. I just hope that something works out so I can get back into the working world!

PS. Did I mention that the job at Sullivan, Higdon and Sink (otherwise known as SHS —– Go Blue Devils!) is a ‘jeans environment’… meaning very rarely will you see them in suits! My kind of place!


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