Things are starting to look up… question mark?

The day started off lovely … a phone call at 6:52 a.m. from the Andale school district asking me to sub for high school social studies… and school starts at 8:15 … and Andale is 15-20 minutes away.


So this means no washing of the hair, no fixing of the hair. Straight pony tail. This also means try to find suitable attire that doesn’t require any ironing. Hard to find when you’ve been out of ‘work clothes’ environment for 3 months! I eventually found something that did need some slight ironing, but it was OK because I took a 2-minute shower, fixed my hair in 30 seconds, had my makeup on, lunch made and was out the door by 7:18. What substitute teacher shows up 30 minutes before school starts? And for that matter, what real teacher shows up 30 minutes before school starts? The answer is I do! But that was the question the first block students were asking me when they walked in … apparently their real teacher doesn’t show up until after the bell has rung. My guess is this must just be a social studies/government teacher persona because guess what we did today — watched movies! That’s exactly what we did when I was in high school social studies every day … then filled out work sheets!

I digress.

The day went very well… I’m a big fan of Andale High School. Every time I walked out a door, one of the kids held the door open for me. I was pleasantly surprised … and just happy that they were not holding up to what the typical high schooler is like nowadays — stoners, with no classroom manners or respect, and could care less about why they are really in school.

So I left school around 3:20 p.m. and had a new voicemail. It was from the president of Wichita Festivals. She was calling me about a job I had applied for and wanted me to call her back about setting up an interview. YES!

I returned her phone call once I got home and I have an interview on Friday at 9 a.m. The other good job possibility is the director of biddy basketball for the Salvation Army– Matt’s good pal Ted has the hook-ups for me so I have already sent in my resume to the director and will be hearing from them next week!

I can only hope that the tide is turning (when it comes to the job front). I’ve been starting to become a major Debbie Downer and pessimist about it all… which is very uncharacteristic of me! So … I beg of all of you who read this blog. Please cross your fingers for me! Ally needs job ASAP.

So this is why I think things are starting to look up …. but I will leave it as a question mark until further notice. 🙂


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