They Say it’s My Birthday …..

Today I turn the big 2-6. Because I have turned another year older (none the wiser), I feel I should reminisce over the year-o-25 and the great happenings that occurred so I can move on and prepare for the year ahead!

Great Happenings in Allyson’s Life (Sept. 30, 2007 – Sept. 30, 2008)

1) I got married! One of those things I always was hoping to check off on the “List of Life Accomplishments” and I finally did it! It was by far the best day of my life (followed by a tie for getting engaged and K-State beating OU in the Big 12 Championship game).

2) I got engaged! 🙂 I’m still proud of Matt, to this day, that he was able to pull off something so big and so important without me knowing anything! I’m the nosiest and sneakiest person I know, too… 🙂

3) My family gained two more beautiful babies …. Luke Vincent Barnes graced the world with his presence on May 15 while Stella Rose Little arrived to a crowded room full of people on June 3. I love my huge family!

4) K-State beat KU in basketball at Bramlage after 24 years of losses at home … My buddy Cliff was my partner in crime that night as we sped all over Tulsa trying to find a place to watch the game. We ended up at his place with his roommate … they lived on the third floor and probably got turned in by their neighbors underneath them due to the extremely loud screams and the continuous jumping off of furniture on to the floor that I did that night after the win! 🙂

5) Matt and I made our first trip over the big pond for our honeymoon! We spent eight days in London and Paris … and I recently watched “The Devil Wears Prada” and was actually really wanting to go back to Paris after watching it!

6) Matt spent his first Christmas with the Hills’ clan in Sedan. He now knows why I’m a freak about Christmas and wasn’t sure if he really wanted to go back to Illinois for Christmas ever again! 🙂

7) I got the heck out of Oklahoma (bad drivers, bad roads) and got back to Kansas!

8) I traveled ALOT … women’s basketball at ORU took me to many places I had never been (and most likely will never go back to): Boise, Idaho, Shreveport, Louisiana, Edinburg, Texas (hell), Fort Wayne, Indiana, Lubbock, Texas, etc. But I was very fortunate (though prior to actually going I was none too excited) to travel with the team to the NCAA National Tournament where they played the evenutal national champions, Tennessee. I was up close and personal with the best women’s basketball coach ever, Pat Summit, and also was around some of the biggest jackasses in my business.

9) My good friend Jenny gave birth to beautiful Addison Taylor Cross on June 15 … she is precious and the official mascot of the 320 house!

10) Aunt Sherron beat the sh*t out of cancer!

11) I met a lot of good people over the course of a year and that is something I will always treasure!

I will stop there though I know I have about 50 other things to list … it’s been a fantastic year and I was asked by my cousin how to top this year. She suggested having a baby … I think for now, I will just continue to enjoy hers 🙂 and enjoy being 26!


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