The Honeymoon: Part 1

Foggy London Town – Days 1-3
(Written during the trip!)

It is Saturday afternoon in London and Matt and I are in the hotel – Matt is asleep (he takes LOTS of naps!) and I am typing up some blogs and writing in my journal. I would love to actually post this on my blog, but internet for a day in our hotel is $30 so Matt said no! This means I have been without internet for a week!

I do realize that you are suppose to relax on your honeymoon, but I would be able to relax alot more if I could look at pictures from the wedding and check my email! 🙂 And since we have done anything but relax (yesterday was our first day of any kind of relaxation), I feel that internet access is not too much to ask for!

Don’t get me wrong… this trip has been amazing! The top three moments in my life have all occurred in a week’s time – 1) I got married! 2) I stood on the second level of the Eiffel Tower and 3) I actually got around Paris without knowing ANY of the language (at first when we got there, I was pretty sure we would be sitting in the train station all day long because we were clueless!!!).

We got to London around 10:30 pm Monday night (its a 6-hour time difference from here to home), went through customs and got to our hotel at midnight. We checked into our room and just laughed — everything in London is small. The rooms, the bathrooms, the trash cans, the toilet paper… it was just entertaining! We decided if we could make it through eight days in a tiny room together, we could make it through anything!

Since we didn’t go to bed until 2 am (and took some sleeping pills to actually get some sleep!), we didn’t wake up until 10:30 am, which was not how we wanted to start our first day! We got up and around and out the door by noon and found a double-decker tour bus and hopped on. It took us all around London and was great because you could hop on and off as you pleased to visit the different sites. It was also great because it gave us a good idea of places we wanted to visit. We saw Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the garden where they filmed parts of Notting Hill and the exact spot where a part of Mary Poppins was filmed (those are the things I enjoyed hearing about!), St. Paul’s Cathedral where Princess Di and Prince Charles were married, and hopped off at the London Tower and took a boat cruise down the Thames River. From there, we could see the Globe Theatre, the Millenium Bridge (which you can see in Love Actually), and the school where Harry Potter (not Hogwarts) went to school! 🙂

Day two found us at St. Paul’s Cathedral where we toured the inside – it was pretty incredible! This is the same place that Princess Di and Prince Charles got married so I felt pretty regal that day …. ha! There are three tiers to the church and you can take stairs up to one of the tiers of the dome and/or you can take the stairs ALL the way to the top (some 500+ steps), which Matt did. I did not… I sat on the second level and waited for him! It actually took him outside of the dome, way up high and he got some great pictures!

After our tour, we walked back out and grabbed lunch (more Italian food for moi!) and then walked across the Millenium Bridge to a museum – we lasted about 5 minutes before we were bored and left! 🙂 Even though we were in London, a very historical and old city, I still could not get into the museum thing… sue me! We hopped on the tube, after yet another hike, to Westminster Abbey, where we were going to try to go to mass. Unfortunately, the only service that was left on the docket that day was not a real service… and had no music, which was the reason I wanted to go in! So… more hiking came and eventually we ended back up at the hotel. Abby had gotten us tickets to Spamelot as our wedding gift, so we changed and went down to Leicester (pronounced Lester, which really annoyed me) Square to eat and go to the show. It was hysterical! It was such a good choice, Abs! 🙂

Part two of ‘The Honeymoon’ will include our trip to Paris, our only days of relaxation and Matt’s new found love for the word’ Cheers!’ – he said it to EVERYONE! 🙂

Pic 1: On the plane at 5:30 a.m. to embark on our honeymoon!
Pic 2: Our small room in London!
Pic 3: The ads promoting the London Olympics in 2012
Pic 4: Harry Potter’s school
Pic 5: Us on Millenium Bridge
Pic 6: Big Ben!
Pic 7: Matt and I getting our drinks in before Spamelot
Pic 8: Our seats at Spamelot – I was almost scared to look down! 🙂


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