Wedding Day Adventure

Two weeks! Two weeks since I last posted… I must point out that this was not because I didn’t WANT to blog, but there was no time during week one and during week two, I had no internet in London (which was my version of hell – no lie!).

So first off… I am a married woman! Just call me Allyson Clark! Woohoo! The wedding weekend was more than amazing… it went off without a hitch (only a few small pauses along the way, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed).

I only wish I could relive the entire day again and go back to talk to people I missed at the reception – that is my biggest regret! The night went by SO fast that I missed talking to family that came from far away, friends that came from far away, etc.

I send a huge shout out to my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful bridesmaids who kept me calm all day long (I shed NO tears the entire day, can you believe it?!! I still can’t!), but looked awesome in their cute brown dresses! Thanks to my wonderful family for traveling from various places across the country to spend the weekend in Kansas – I am so lucky to have you all in my life! And also major thanks to all of our wonderful friends that came from all over (or basically Kansas City!) for the wedding – I keep saying that we needed like two separate receptions – one for family, one for friends. That way, we could see and talk to everyone!

But the day was wonderful. I have so many pictures to go through from facebook, from my cousin aka Photographer for the weekend Megan Little ( I just love you so much!). Our videographer also posted about our wedding on their blog ( – click on ‘Blog’!). They will have a four-minute prequel up in a few weeks about the wedding. They were also wonderful, as was our photographer, and our DJ who kicked ass – I just can’t say enough great things about everyone!

And last but not least… thank you to my groom! He was so calm and at ease that day, I wasn’t sure if it was really Matt! But what a hunk in his tux, right?! 🙂

So for now, I will stop and just say that I love you all…. thank you for helping make August 16 the best day of our lives!

More pics to come… as well as a post about the trip to Foggy London Town!


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