What to do…

I am asked quite frequently where Matt and I will be going for our honeymoon. Upon my response (of London), the next question that follows is “what do you have planned when you are there?”. I wish that I had all of the correct answers for this question, but usually my response is, “Well, I’m not quite sure.”

Though it’s not completely true, I am still a bit unsure of what we will be doing, which I am OK with. I know that our first order of business will be to hop on a double-decker tour bus to kind of figure out our surroundings! We will for sure take in a show and we will be making a train trip to Paris for a day-trip.

Other than that, we are up in the air! So, if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

On another note, I think I’m in a rut. When I moved to Wichita almost a month ago, I was very gung-ho about getting things done. A month later, I’ve gotten alot done, but don’t have alot of motivation to do anything else. I stare at my wedding programs every day, knowing that I need to work on them, but that’s about as far as I get — other than thinking to myself, “I’ll work on those tomorrow.”

I’m hoping that this rut ends soon… I mean, I realize I have a wedding coming up soon (can I just say that I wish the day was here already!) but I have a very small list of things to get done… which includes finishing the programs!

Anywho, I’m off to Austin this weekend with my mom, sister and dad (Jord will be in Vegas celebrating Matt’s bachelorness!) to visit my family and beautiful baby cousins! I can’t wait!

Maybe when I get back next Tuesday, the rut will be over…

One can only hope!


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