Wedding No. 2 and Shower No. 3

This weekend was little Lenny’s turn to get married! Matt and I treked up to KC on Saturday afternoon, dumped our stuff at our landlords (Steph and Aaron) house and went on to the wedding. It was a beautiful church and a beautiful ceremony!

Lenny looked absolutely stunning as did the entire bridal party (P’s hair was awesome – pictures to come!). Her colors were black, white and a very pretty green color. Her flowers were beautiful green hydrangeas – I loved them!

After the wedding, we made a stop at Steph’s for me to pick up the wedding gift, which I left sitting on top of the car. I got back in to Steph’s house, realized what I had done and ran back out to get it. We then were leaving for the reception and I realized I had left the gift sitting in Steph’s house. Went back to get it… then we finally get to the reception. We get almost inside when I realized I had left the gift in the car. I was almost slapped by 3 different people… and ready to get that gift out of my hands! 🙂

The reception was at the Webster House, a very cool, old two-story building that is now an antique shop with a restaurant upstairs. The rooms are split up upstairs so the party overtook the entire second story! We all congregated in one of the rooms and had two big tables — someone later pointed out that it was a 320 table and a Houston table and that we ALWAYS do that! I guess we’ll never get away from it either!

We all really had a good time though… one of my favorite parts of the night was when we went to sing to Lenny. While we were waiting on two other girls, Lenny says that we should sing “Little Girl”! Holy cow! First, its hysterical that she asked. Secondly, its hysterical that we did it. And thirdly, its hysterical that we REMEMBERED it! I mean, how could we not since we probably sang it more than 100 times in four years! But still… it was a very special moment when we finished and were so proud of ourselves! 🙂

After the DJ said the party was over and everyone had left, Lenny’s dad comes to the back and asks us if we all need rides… which is when we realized that we were the only ones left and still just chatting away! Oops… So off we went to the Power and Light District, my first time! I really liked it! Until I woke up Sunday and felt like complete ass. That was fun.

Which leads me to my last wedding shower. It was at Beverly Aiken’s house — there were about 8 of us and we had a good time! Good food, a game that I almost won, and gifts (and money!). Plus we got to look at pictures of Edwin (PS. Congrats on your engagement!) from birth to now. 🙂

Anywho, we are off to my bachelorette party at Table Rock this weekend, which is followed by a weekend in Austin with Stella and Luke (and Seth, Michelle, Nate and Mg!).





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