I give up.

I really do.

I devote hours (three just last night) to this show and it basically sucker punches me every season.

Last night on the finale of The Bachelorette, the entire show, everyone gushed over Jason and how he was the one that Deanna should choose. He is more her type. He is already a great father. He made her feel safe. She took him to swim with SHARKS for goodness sakes (that should have been my tipping off point!).

But no.. in the end, she picks the ‘other guy’. Don’t get me wrong, the ‘other guy’ is a great guy, but NOT the one I tuned in every week to watch. And most of the time, not the one that DeAnna was exclaiming about.

They always throw a curve ball at you in the end. Always. Every season. I basically knew that because they were talking such great thing about Jason that he wasn’t going to get picked because that’s what they do — they think they are throwing us off by doing that.

NEWSFLASH ABC: You aren’t! We get it! We get that you like the element of surprise, but I’m thinking your element of surprise is now bullshit.

So… though I’m not sure I can handle it, I am wanting to boycott the next edition of this show that I have not NOT watched since Trista and Ryan. I understand that my one boycott will not do anything, but maybe it will give me time to cool my jets! 🙂

PS. Getting married in 38 days. Woah.


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