Moving Blows

Please let me explain why.

First off, I was suppose to be at a Kappa’s wedding in Kansas City, but decided to pull a “bad friend move” and not go due to moving on Saturday, the 500 mile drive to and from Tulsa to KC as well as another 200 mile drive to Wichita with a loaded down car, plus gas is RIDICULOUS (though I’m a bit glad I didn’t go or I would not have been able to see the beautiful Stephanie Siders take 320 pictures all by her lonesome — excuse me, I mean with her and fake Addison!).

The plan was to have Matt drive down Friday, get up early Saturday, load up his car, my mom would be to Tulsa by 11, we would load her car and Lauren’s car, and my dad would roll into town by 1 to load the trailer. What a phenomenal plan, right?

Well, yes, its a great plan… when none of it involves my family!

I love these people more than anything on the planet, but sometimes they drive me bonkers.

So instead of going with the first brilliant plan, a new plan was concocted (not by me) and this is how it went:

1) Matt arrives in Tulsa Friday night – check!
2) Get up early and load Matt’s car, finish by 10 a.m. – check!
3) Wait two hours until mom and Lauren show up WITHOUT Lauren’s car (NOT on original plan – this one got me fuming, but…) – check!
4) Matt and mom immediately load wood chest into back of Envoy, mom pulls something in her back, can not bend down the rest of the day (also not in the original plan, but….) – check!
5) Load Envoy with as much as can be stuffed in – check!
6) Matt calls UHaul to see how late they are open and to see if they have any trailers available because I’m FOR SURE that there is no way possible all of my stuff will fit in the trailer and the vehicles since Lauren didn’t bring her car (also not on original plan, but … ) – check!
7) Sit and wait ANOTHER two hours for my dad to arrive with the trailer (at one point, we called to check on him, he said he was by the airport – I guess we should have asked which one because it is less than 15 minutes from the Tulsa airport to my apartment – and an hour later, he shows up. I’m still thinking he stopped off at the mall to shop! But… ) – check!
8) Dad arrives around 2:30 pm, we load the trailer and the back of his truck with anything and everything we can stuff in it and miraculously, we got everything in (just barely, might I add!) – check!
9) I had to stuff my wedding dress in the back of my overly full and HOT car… I almost cried. Definitely not in the original plan, but… check!

We finally got the heck out of Tulsa around 5:30 that evening, rolled in to Wichita about 8:30. Patty had dinner ready for us at the house, so we ate, and then unloaded. Unloading is so much easier than loading… until everyone leaves and you look at all the stuff you have to go through! And we still have wedding shower gifts at Patty’s to bring… plus wedding gifts from the actual wedding. This should be interesting!

Two days later, I have the kitchen pretty much the way I want it, the living room is… well, it has couches and the TV set up. The rest of the house is a mess and I don’t even want to touch it! I might just move a bed into the kitchen since it looks pretty and just not deal with everything else!

PS. On the way back to Wichita from Tulsa, Matt called to ask me something and said, “It just now is hitting me that you’re moving back to Wichita and WHY you’re moving back to Wichita.” Sounds funny, but it really didn’t hit me until then either… Seven weeks. Crazy.


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