Painting, Painting and Painting… Oh my!

My first free weekend in … a very long time … was spent in Wichita at ‘our house’ (I put quotes around that because I still tend to call it Matt’s house and feel strange calling it ‘our house’ … DAMN, there are the quotes again. They almost magically appear!). Our goal for the weekend was to get all of the painting and cleaning done that would be needed for me to move in next weekend and feel OK about it.

When I say feeling OK about it, that means that I have a certain standard to which a room that I will be living/bathing in must bet met. Before I have moved into any past apartment or house, I have went in and cleaned each room from top to bottom. I don’t like thinking that I am living in someone else’s filth!

It should be even more understandable to all when ryou ealize that I’m moving into a house that, two years ago, was brand new, but since then, has had three males and three dogs living in it. So yes, I knew what I was getting myself into because I know what boys think cleaning is. It usually involves two words: wet rag.

Example: there is a spill on the floor — I’ll wipe that down with a wet rag. The windows are disgusting — I’ll wipe that down with a wet rag. There is dog hair in every crevice in this entire house — I’ll get that with a wet rag.

What they don’t understand is though a wet rag might remove the spill or dirt, it only dampens dog hair and DOES NOT remove germs. Gross… this sickens me now just thinking about it.

Long story short, we got the entire house painted! Matt was really wanting to do some kind of faux finish to our bedroom and the guest bathroom (I’m a simpleton and like no faux anything… but decided this is something I would not battle him about and let him do what he wanted!). Our bedroom looks great… he just did some different brush strokes to it so its nothing that I can’t handle! He sponged the entire guest bathroom… and realized he didn’t like it so just went and repainted (thank goodness!).

I went in and cleaned all of the baseboards (otherwise known as dog hair heaven) without throwing up (props to me) and started cleaning the cabinets and sink in the master bathroom. I told Matt that I would pay to have a cleaning service come in and clean the tubs, showers and refrigerator (because that’s a whole other story!) and he said that he would go and clean that stuff. I replied with, “Not to be a butthead, but I don’t want you to say you’re going to go clean it, take a wet rag to it, and really think that you’ve cleaned it and tell ME that you really have cleaned it.” He said he would REALLY clean it… so we’ll see. I’m grossed out just thinking about it!

Anywho, this weekend is the big move. I have no words to explain how happy I am to be moving back to Wichita … maybe its just that I’m so excited to get the heck out of Oklahoma (Erin – this is in no reference to you!). Either way, I can’t wait! Next up: finding a job and getting married.

Piece of cake, right?!


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