Wedding #1

This weekend begins my Summer-o-Weddings when Emily Katherine Peine weds Brett Michael Rundle on Saturday afternoon. I am excited for this wedding because its the first time I’ll be with all of my buddies (with the exception of Jenny who is busy with her beautiful baby!) in one place since Jenna’s wedding last July. How sad is that?

I’m taking off work Friday and driving to Wichita to pick up Matthew. From there, we’re off to KC to Steph and Aaron’s and will hop in their car to drive to the rehearsal. I’m a reader in this blessed event — I told P I would attempt to lose my Oklahoma accent by this weekend. I aint sure if it’ll happen, but ya’ll will find out!

After the rehearsal, we will head to the rehearsal dinner in Westport followed by a bar in Westport! We’re bunking up at Steph and Aaron’s with Abby and Nicole… a good time shall be head — I predict big slumber party! 🙂

We are to be at the church by 1 pm on Saturday afternoon for pictures, followed by the wedding, followed by fun at the reception that is in downtown KC.

I’m so excited for the fun to begin… and I’m so happy for my good pal P. The one thing I have always said is that I want my friends to be happy and I’m so glad that wish has come true!

Wedding details will be provided on Monday.

My wedding update: invitations are addressed and will be sent out on June 17. YESSS! I can definitely say that addressing those suckers was a pain the rear — and I did them on the computer! I started at 10:30 am and we finished up at 4:30 with the help of my mom, sister, Matt’s mom, Lisa and Chelsi… they are my life savers!!!

Next up: wrapping up my year at ORU on June 27, wedding # 2 in KC (Rez’s) and moving June 30. Way to pack it all in, Allyson!

Picture: Me & P — Just call us 2 nut bags!


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