So she DOES have a name…

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Addison Taylor Cross … Jenny and Shawn’s newest addition to their family! She was born this afternoon at 2:24 (from what I have learned in the past week, mom’s give EXACT times!) pm (mountain time) and is adorable – as you can see from the picture… and I mean seriously, did we really think this child would be anything other than that? Check out her mom! πŸ™‚

My favorite email of the day was from Meg:
“Addison Taylor (I’m assuming that’s the spelling…but I could be wrong…..) She was born this afternoon…probably around 3:30ish…. She was 8lbs and some ounces…not sure about length…I would assume pretty long! πŸ™‚
Shawn said she’s awesome, and Jenny’s doing well!
Sorry I didn’t get better details but I’ll send pics if/when I get them….”

There seems to be a whole lot of assuming going on there, Meg!

It’s nice to finally know baby Addison’s name since Jenny and Shawn kept it a secret for nine months much to the dismay of many, including moi. I’m so happy she is finally here… how exciting it will be to watch my friend be a mama!

Addison’s birth caps the end of a pretty great week… Stella came into the world at the beginning of the week and Addison brought her on home Sunday. If only Big Brown had won the Triple Crown…. πŸ™‚

Cheers to the new mama’s and their precious babies… can’t wait until August to pack a church with many, many newborns!

Picture: Mama J and Baby Addison … Courtesy of Beckman Productions


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