Uncle Steve’s Recap of Stella’s Arrival…

Like Mother like daughter, they both had 12 hour labors. The party began about 9:00 am yesterday morning at the doctors office then moved on to the hospital.

Early arrivals were Nate’s parents Suzi and Charles then Sherron and I arrived about 1:30 pm. Xan Janiga and two friends from Singapore came in about that time, followed by Nate’s brother Carl, wife Kathy and daughter Haley. Seth, Michelle and Luke ( Annie was partying at her Aunt Nat’s) arrived about 7:30pm and the party was starting to gain steam. Nate’s sister Cara arrived followed by Nate’s buddies Sanjeev and Brian. At about that time someone asked where the champangne was.

Megan’s friend Amanda and her husband Joe came in about 8:00 pm and the party was in full swing. Megan wanted everyone to stay in the delivery room but hospital regulations would’nt allow, so the two Grandmas, Suzi and Sherron, Michelle, Xan, Amanda and, oh yeah, Nate were in attendance. The rest of the party adjourned to the waiting room.

We were joined there by Nate’s brother Mark and the room was humming once again. At 9:48 pm Stella decided to join the party, she weighed in at 8 lbs, measured 20 inches, has dark wavy hair and is beautiful just like her mother.

Everyone stayed until about 11:00 pm then the party poopers, who had to get up and go to work, started leaving. About midnight someone found a bottle of champagne but by then the interest had waned and the diehards were intrigued with watching the nurses give Stella a bath.

The nurse brought Stella to the room about 1:00 am and we all got turns holding her, as we were getting ready to finally leave, I looked at Megan holding Stella and it brought a smile as I thought how much she looked like her mother.

Mom, Dad and baby are all doing fine!

Grandpa Barnes


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