Stella is on her way…

I got an email from my uncle Steve this morning — the subject line read “Megan is in labor! Sherron is too!” (Sherron is my aunt!). He said that they had admitted Meg to the hospital this morning so they were on their way to Austin and aunt Sherron was yelling at him that they had to go! 🙂

I sent Meg a text message around 10:30, not expecting one back, just saying ‘Holy cow! You’re having a child!’… a few minutes later, I get one back saying, “Yeah, its baby time! We’ll keep you posted!” I send her one back asking how she’s doing and I get another one back, ” Yes, doing great! Contractions are getting stronger though. Love you!” I just reminded her to use the drugs!

After work, I decided to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to continue to register — since Matt and I know where we’ll be living, I can dive into more house stuff! So… as I’m browsing, my phone rings and I check it out — it’s Meg! She had just gotten her epidural, they started patocin (sp?) and she was dialated to 6. She said she was just hanging out and felt nothing, but was calling to say hi because it was the last time she’d be able to!

And 30 seconds ago, as I was typing this, the phone rang and my cousin Seth was calling to say Stella is here!!! She has lots of hair… and he thinks she is about 8 pounds (hadn’t weighed her yet!). Said Meg did very well… aunt Sherron, Michelle and Nate’s mom were in the delivery room with her… and Seth said that he was watching Nate because he was staring at Stella!

Oh my goodness….. thank goodness she is here!


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