Good Weekend

For the second-straight weekend, I made my way back home to Sedan (and I’ll go back AGAIN this weekend!) for my bridal shower, hosted by Kay Hills, Lisa Doty and my aunt Sally. Before that fun began, my mom, sister and I had our own fun Friday afternoon when we went to see Sex and the City!

I was a little paranoid about not getting seats and tickets being sold out that I had my mom order the tickets earlier in the week and I got to the theatre super early to make sure we’d get seats. When it was all said and done, I really hadn’t needed to worry! There were about 20 people (including us) there to watch the movie! It was great… and great to see the girls together again! I miss that show!

Saturday was my shower out at Kay’s house. It was wonderful! There was a large group of about 40 people that came out — aunt’s, friend’s, family friends and so on. There was delish food (I ate WAY too many of my aunt Sally’s mints that were fantabulous!), lots of people and lots of gifts which makes for a good party! Matt and I continue to do very well at our showers – this shower we got glasses, plates and silverware so we can now officially eat on something other than paper plates!

It was a great day and I’m so lucky to have such great people in my life!

This weekend, we will be addressing invitations on Sunday and the next weekend, we will be venturing for our first wedding of the summer, Ms. Emily Peine’s! It will for sure be a grand time because whenever you get Kappa’s together, fun follows! 🙂


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