The Good and Bad to "Sex & the City: The Movie"

The good is that I’m so happy they made a movie! It is my favorite TV show of all time — many life lessons can be learned from that show! The bad is that as soon as the movie is over, it’s really over. I do believe that I will shed tears at this event.

This morning, as always, I had the Today Show on in the background while I was getting ready. They had Cynthia Nixon aka Miranda on, talking about her character, the movie, life, etc. I was standing in front of the TV listening when Meredith, Today Show host, asked Cynthia aka Miranda, “It was really tough for your character in this movie because she is dealing with Steve’s…”

That is when I screamed “NO!” and turned off the TV! How dare she try and ruin the movie for me by giving out details!!! The only thing I’m OK knowing is that Carrie and Big are supposedly getting married and that Charlotte is pregnant.

That is it.

So I’m super excited to drive to Bartlesville, meet my mom and sister at the movie theatre at 4 pm and head in for my last Sex & the City dose.

It makes me wonder… what did I ever do BEFORE this show?! 🙂


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