In case you missed it…

NKOTB is back, baby! In routine fashion, I turned on The Today Show this morning while I was getting ready. And at 8:32 am I walked into my bedroom, only to hear the sweet voices of New Kids on the Block. 🙂

I just stood there, while trying to apply makeup, and laughed. And I’m sure had goosebumps as Joey (my absolute favorite) sang “Please Don’t Go Girl” to me (who else would he be singing that to?)!

It took me back to my youth… and was just funny. I was like..8 when I fell in love with them, which was followed by my Hanson obsession (which is very comparable to the love that my cousin Sydney now has for the Johnas Brothers … when explaining that comparison to her, she says, “Who is Hanson?” SERIOUSLY!!!).

Anyway, if I could get tickets to see the New Kids, I would do it in a heartbeat. Depending on where I am in three months, they are in KC in October and Minnesota in November. What a great birthday present that would be!

So, in case you missed the best boy band ever, here is the link to watch them on The Today Show.

The best part was when they did a medley of ‘Step by Step, ‘Hangin’ Tough (which included their famous dance), and ‘Please Don’t go Girl’.

Forever a Boy Band Lover!


Allyson J. Hills


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