Babies Just Around the Corner…

From what I have noticed so far, all of the wonderful young people in my life that have gotten married seem – to only me – like they are all playing house. You know, like you did when you were little people. But when those married people who were just ‘playing house’ bring a baby into their house, that ‘childhood’ element seems to go out the door.

Yes, if I played house, I’m sure I had a baby in the mix — but it was the kind that you could poke at its eyes and it wouldn’t cry (I sound like a torturer!).

I say all of this because in one week, my cousin Seth and his wonderful wife will be bringing baby no. 2 into their family and my cousin Megan will be having her first with Sir Newt. Meg started a blog recently to keep all of us posted about the last few weeks of being pregnant and the arrival of baby Stella… and as I was reading it, the damn tears welled up (THIS is why I’m worried about my wedding — if I can’t keep it together while reading a blog about my pregnant cousin, how can I hold it together walking down the aisle!).

My cousins are some of the most important people in my life… they always have been. To me, they are kind of like the glue that holds us all together. We have all been ‘kids’ together… from Seth wrestling with all of us at grandma’s and then yelling, “Grandma, they’re hurting me!” and she believing him and yelling at us… to Meg being the curious one and asking lots of questions, but loving coming to Sedan and really loving the CQ County Fair (she asked in March when the fair was because her and Nate had talked about coming up for it!).

They are just good people… and married good people… and are now having babies that they will raise to be good people. It’s all just crazy! Weren’t we 10 like two weeks ago?! 🙂

So here’s to my wonderful cousins and to the newest additions to their families… May they enjoy as wonderful a childhood as we all did!

I think Matt and I will just play house for awhile… 🙂


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