Denver, Abs and Mama J

I boarded a plane at 6:45 am on Saturday morning for a journey to Denver for Jenny’s baby shower. Abby met me at the airport and drove me over to her new house… so cute and so fun! They have done alot of painting and it looks great (though I think they should have left the upholstered leopard print wall up!). I met Jacey Timken (finally!) which is one of my younger sorority sister’s older sister (got it?!).

We left the house and made our way to the grocery store to pick up things for the baby shower that afternoon. My present to Jenny and Shawn was boring, yet much needed diapers and wipes. My friend Kristen had said to buy Pampers Swaddlers because they were better than Huggies. So I go to the diaper aisle… and had to call her to figure out what to do! There were like 5 million different kinds of Pampers… newborn (up to 10 pounds — God bless the poor women who give birth to 10 pound babies!) and stage 1 (8-14 pounds). I didn’t know what to do… glad Kristen called me back or I know I would have made the wrong decision! 🙂

We went over to Abby’s aunt Tracy’s house for the shower and can I just say, this wins for best baby shower ever! First of all, there was a keg. Second of all, the gifts were hysterical. One of their friends made them onesies and had wrote on the front of them… with washable markers! Apparently they didn’t realize they were washable (though the front of the box said ‘washable’) until they were done drawing! So… J & Shawn got the washable markers as a gift as well! 🙂

On Sunday, Abs and I drove over to Jenny and Shawn’s new apartment. Baby ?’s room already had painted pink and brown walls! Now they just need a crib and they are set!

It was highly entertaining to be at their apartment while they are unpacking because what happens is Jenny sits on the couch, Shawn starts unwrapping things, and Jenny either tells him to leave it alone, or where to put it. Shawn later explained that this was why they needed a 30-minute break from each other before we had arrived!

It was a great trip… I sure do miss my Denver friends! Abby is entertaining as always and Jenny is still the disgustingly cute 8-month pregnant gal. It’s definitely still a crazy thought to me that next time I see her, she will have a baby girl. I know that she is going to be such a great mom, I just hope that SHE knows that!

I was back at the airport by 6 for my 7:10 flight and back in my own bed by 10:30. It was a fast trip, but worth every penny!


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