A Day in the Life of Me

My morning starts at 8:05 am when the alarm goes off. Immediately, the Today show is turned on (you never know what exciting news they will have for you – it was only a few weeks ago when they announced that New Kids on the Block were doing a reunion tour!) and I start getting ready for the day.

I am out the door by 8:43 because that usually gets me into the parking lot at ORU five minutes before 9. I get into my office, turn on my computer, check my email, facebook, Kansas.com and the Tulsa World website.

And from there, that is when my day is officially boring. So… by about 9:32, its a free-for-all. I must state that my job is not always like this. From August until the end of March, I was usually always busy. And if I wasn’t busy, I should have been, but was procrastinating on whatever it was I should have been doing!

But I seriously have nothing to do. If I knew I was going to be returning to ORU for my second year, I would be working on my volleyball guide. I actually did start working on it earlier in the year, but Cliff told me to stop because if I’m not staying, its a major waste of good work!

So, I have tried to find things to keep me occupied. I did many, many wedding things. But now, I have most wedding things complete (that can be completed from a 5×10′ office – everything else must be physically bought). I check Men’s Wearhouse alot to see who and who hasn’t been fitted for tuxes yet so I can lay the wrath of Allyson on them. This week, I have gotten on other schools websites to see what their volleyball media guides have looked like to see what I should try to be doing in my guides.

Other than that, I. Am. Bored. This is not a complaint. Its just a fact. I guess this is what happens when you work MANY, many hours — I now have so much free time, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I must return to my boredom now. Time to recheck Kansas.com to see what news has popped up since I last checked it 15 minutes ago. 🙂


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