Wedding Shower Complete with Baby Shower

Matt and I made the long trek up to Kansas City this weekend to partake in my first wedding shower! Matt was not in attendance… he was in attendance, though, for the extremely cold (it was snowing on our way to KC on Saturday to give you a visual of how cold it was) Kansas City Royals baseball game, alongside his brother, my brother, dad, and the Doty men. They kept warm by continuously pumping liquid into their systems!

The shower was wonderful… Jenna was the lovely hostess and she did a magnificent job! It was at Granite City in a nice little party room. Almost all of my good college pals were there as well as my mom and sister, Lisa Doty, Matt’s mom Patty and Michael’s girlfriend, Chelsi, who is my personal attendant at the wedding. She already put her personal attendant skills to work on Saturday morning when Mr. Doty freaked me out with the time the shower started!

Jenna had made up a mini quiz about Matt and I… I loved it! It made me laugh… and reminisce on our relationship. As we were going through the questions, everyone would say what there answer was and I’d probably have to give Brooke the nod for most correct answers. Who else would have remembered (other than Jenna!) what famous couple Matt and I had dressed up as for a date party?!

We started the day with not much for our house (that we have not looked for) and ended the day with a good load of stuff! Thanks so much to everyone who came… I would have been happy with no gifts and just hanging out! 🙂

That night, we went over to the lovely Emily Peine’s house. I probably could have stayed there all night just talking to her since I never see her… or anyone else for that matter. We then went back to hotel to meet back up with the guys, which was highly entertaining.

Sunday morning, Matt and I went and had breakfast with my parents and then went browsing to look for TV’s, to Pottery Barn to look at all the stuff I desperately want and to Dick’s… to look at all the Coleman stuff they have. Matt dropped me off at Jenny’s baby shower where I got to see everyone all over again, except this time, we added Meg, who couldn’t make it to my shower.

I told this to Nicole last night, but I could probably go years without seeing Meg, but it will always seem like I’ve never missed a day with her. She’s just the best… and is going to Abu Dhabi – a real place that sounds unreal to me. Hopefully she comes back with pictures of her on a camel!

J got lots of goodies for baby Cross… I will be out to Denver in two weekends for her next baby shower. I believe I will be investing in some diapers for them… not a glamorous gift, but I hear they are pretty important! 🙂

ANYWHO, thanks again to everyone for making this such a fun weekend! Jenna, you are the best wedding shower hostess ever! I love you so much…. And Jenny wins for being the cutest little pregnant gal on the block — I have two separate awards for that though.

Cutest little pregnant gal on the block – friend division. Cutest little pregnant gal on the block – family division. It’s a tie between Megan and Michelle in the family division. 🙂


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