Give. Me. Cake.

I spent the weekend in Wichita… it was glorious! Matt and I accomplished alot – passports are done and sent off (major to-do that was checked off!), we met with the lady that will be making our cake and we hung out, which is something we rarely get to do! I also got to visit my lovely friend Kristen and her family – I feel old when I see Zoe because she is now old. And by old, I mean one… but considering last time I saw her she wasn’t walking and now, she does, she seems old!

And thanks to Kristen, we will now be having a delicious cake and my favorite mints at our wedding for an EXTREMELY wonderful price! I was more excited about the cheapness of it all than anything else!

She is going to do everything – our five-tier cake, Matt’s groom’s cake and 300 of the most wonderful cheesecake mints for under $300! The cake will be different-sized layers with a brown ribbon around each tier with our monogram in the fourth layer and our flowers on top. I attempted to replicate it but due to how old our design programs are at ORU, I couldn’t get exact colors!

I ordered extra mints because they are my fave — we will have white, orange and coral-colored cheesecake mints as well as some chocolate mints. I heart these and if I eat anything, it will be the mints!

Anywho, I’m very happy with how everything went. Last big thing to order is the invitations which we know what we want. Just have to actually purchase them now!

Happy second week of April!

PS. For those that know him, Brad Goertz got engaged. Complete craziness.


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