Tuxes… Check!

After getting back from Indiana Monday morning, I jumped right into my car and made the lovely three-hour drive north to Wichita. Matt and I have only seen each other three hours in the past month so I’m glad I decided to go up.

I got to the Dub around 2:30 — Matt doesn’t get off work until 5 so to pass the time, I went over to WSU and hung out with my buddies. I had planned on staying 30 minutes, but finally got out of there an hour and a half later and successfully kept them from working that entire time. It’s nice that they don’t care that I have random drop-ins… but I sure do miss them!

Next it was to the paper store to look at paper for the programs that I will be making for the wedding. It was somewhat successful… found the paper (which will be expensive, ofcourse) and then checked on prices for the front to be printed at the store (also very expensive). Might have to try and get creative!

Next, I went to look at wedding bands for Matthew. He was suppose to come with, but ended up having to work late. HOLY COW though… the rings I looked at ranged from $800-1,400! I mean, I know I should gladly pay that since I know my pretty ring wasn’t cheap… but again, HOLY COW! I told Matt later and he demanded his ring cost only $50. We’ll see what happens! 🙂

I finally met up with Matt and Patty at Men’s Wearhouse at the mall at 5:30 — the process was super easy and super quick (its good that I had basically picked out what they would be wearing, I suppose!). We went with a very simple tuxedo (shown above but minus the silver vest and tie) with the groomsmen, ushers, dads and ring bearer wearing a brown tie and Matt wearing a white one. Simple enough! I think it will look great… very classic!

So, that is checked off my list. The last two major things I need to do is the cake and invitations — the rest should be smooth-sailing!

So I say…. 🙂


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