Day One: Leaving Oklahoma

We left the Mabee Center at 7:45 this morning (that’s three hours later than we usually leave, so I was a happy girl!) and drove to the airport to board our chartered flight! Can I just say… charter is the way to go! We pulled up to the plane and walked right on to the plane, no security, no nothing. It was glorious!

As I walked on to the plane, I noticed four open first-class seats… and the coaches said “Go for it!” so I immediately found a window seat and again, can I just say… first class is the way to go! Lots of leg room, bigger, nicer leather seats, and close proximity to the bathroom!

The flight lasted about an hour and a half — as we were flying into West Lafayette, all I could think to myself is, “Wow… Manhattan has GOT to be better than this place!” It looks very…. dead. I guess starting tomorrow it probably won’t seem like that once all the teams arrive.

We loaded up on our charter bus and headed to the hotel — on the ride over, the bus driver invited us to attend church with him on Sunday. Kind man, but I don’t do Methodist! 🙂

We pulled up to our hotel and I was thinking, “Oh, this is great. It’s on campus, must be a nice place to stay — I bet the football teams stay here when they come to play Purdue.” As soon as I entered the room, I realized that would be physically impossible since the room is about 12 feet by six feet. Wow. There is a twin bed and a queen-size bed… I took the twin out of the kindness of my heart. But my roomie and I both feel that this is a bad situation since there is no where to put our clothes!

Next up: practice at 4:30. Then to bed — must be at the arena by 7:45 tomorrow morning for meetings. It will be a long day!

Until the next time….

Picture A: Girls happy to be leaving Tulsa.
Picture B: Our plane!
Picture C: Our teeny, tiny room.


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