I Take it ALL Back….

Two posts in one day… Get a life, Allyson!

BUT I had to share my joy… though I do often complain about work, how on average I work 60 hours a week, I haven’t had a weekend off since August, I get paid jack crap for the amount of time I put in… OK, so maybe I don’t take it all back, but what just arrived in my office is enough to make me forget the reasons this job blows sometimes.

I got STUFF!

The assistant women’s basketball coach (whom I have nicknamed Santa) came in with all of my fun goodies since the girls made it to the NCAA Tourney.

New tennis shoes (my second pair since I got a pair at the beginning of the season), a sweet bag with my name on it, a little cotton stretch zip-up with ‘ORU Women’s Basketball’ monogrammed into it, a pink pullover hoodie with ‘ORU Women’s Basketball’ monogrammed on to the front, and a Nike watch! I bet if I tried to sell all of this, I’d make atleast $250… hmm… contemplating that idea!

Anyway, I had to share my joy. Don’t worry, though… I’m sure I’ll go back to hating the job tomorrow!


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