We’re Seriously Playing Them???

Yes, it is true. For those of you that watched the women’s NCAA selection show Monday night know it’s true. ORU will play Tennessee in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Tennessee. Defending National Champions. 15-time SEC Champions. Pat Summitt. Seven-time NCAA coach of the year.

I must say that when I heard that, I just started laughing. And couldn’t stop for quite some time.

We are going in as the No. 16 seed to play the No. 1 seed, but what’s even funnier is that they aren’t even the OVERALL No. 1. But when you hear Tennessee, you automatically think of their women’s basketball team and domination. When I watched the girls reactions to when they heard who they were playing, they all just started laughing. I wonder if that was a “Holy crap, I’m scared to death” laugh or “What a way to end the season!” laugh.

Candace Parker, their leading scorer, is leaving after the season to play in the WNBA. She’s a junior. Have you EVER heard of a female player doing that?!!! I think she also might be the first woman to dunk in a game.

Is this for real?

We play them on Sunday at 8:30 pm (CST) on ESPN2. If you are bored, you should watch. It will be well worth it … I will be sitting directly to the left of our bench on press row, trying to hold back from taking pictures, though that is all I will want to be doing.

Should be fun! Hopefully I can snag a photo op with Coach Summitt before we return to Oklahoma!


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