Just Waiting….

A week and four days later and I’m still waiting on our engagement pictures (I just typed ‘my engagement pictures and had to go and scratch that to ‘our’ pictures — I really have to watch myself!). I don’t know if I would be this crazy about them, but when she said they would be up in a week (which would have meant Sunday) I assumed they would be up in a week! I seriously hope I am not like this when we (did it again — typed ‘I’ and had to delete!) get married and are waiting on our wedding pictures and video. Though I have learned that the video will take QUITE some time to get done. Jenna is still waiting on her video and she is now going on eight months of marriage!!!

I guess its a great thing that we are leaving the country immediately after our “Wedding Weekend Extravaganza” (it has a title now — its not just a ‘wedding’!). Yes, we have decided on our honeymoon spot…. drum roll, please.

LONDON! (cymbal hit)

We are definitely excited! Matt is checking websites daily on things to do. We’re going to try and take a day or two to travel outside of London. I am excited to see what is outside of the United State… but I’m for sure I will be very happy to return. Our itinerary so far has us leaving Wichita at 6 am on Monday, August 18, get to Chicago and leave there at 10 am for London. We will arrive in London at 10:40 pm… from there, who knows! 🙂

Other than that, my life consists of basketball… and basketball. And I’m not even kidding. Tulsa hosts The Summit League conference tournament from Saturday until Tuesday. I will be working each and every game so all-in-all 14 games in four days. When I say that I am ready for basketball to be over, I truly mean it! I have seen and/or worked 43 games so far this season and in the span of a week, I will turn that number up to 57. Holy Moly. AND if either of the team’s WIN the tournament, off they go to the NCAA Tournament… and who will be by their side? That’s right…ME! Man, it makes me tired just thinking about it!

Happy Thursday to all! Memphis in May lineup comes out today… woohoo!


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  1. TransplantedOkie

    Cant’ wait to see the pics!

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