Boys Stink… Sometimes.

I understand that everyone has their bad days. Hell, I probably have a bad day every other day. But there is a difference when a girl has a bad day and when a boy has a bad day.

And apparently, my boy’s latest bad day started because of me!

Matt and I are getting our engagement pictures taken on Sunday, something I have been looking forward to since January when I set up the appointment. I have picked out my clothing, how my hair will be done, I’m just very excited! Now this next statement is corny, but it must be done when you live three hours away from your fiance. Matt and I have been talking about actually setting aside a few minutes to discuss our clothing and what each of us will be wearing – even thought about breaking out the web cam.

Last night was going to be our night to discuss this. Instead, I get a text from him asking if I’m going home after our pictures, which I replied yes to you… which he replied with “OK”.

When I call him later, he is just being extremely cranky (he had said it was because of K-State playing like crap against Nebraska — I don’t get upset about these things anymore. That is the life of a K-State fan!). Finally, he says he is mad at me because I’m not going to Wichita after our pictures.

My reasoning for not doing such is because I am not an early-riser. I can not get up at 5 am, put a smile on my face and drive three hours back to Tulsa without the possibility of death in the background (due to me falling asleep at the wheel). To him, it means I want to see him, but not badly enough to get up early.

PS. This coming from a man who gets up at 5:30 am three times a week to go play basketball (CRAZY) so is used to getting up that early and doesn’t understand why others would find that hard to do.

It has turned in to much bigger drama (I blame him for that) than it should be, which is what most of our fights turn in to. But I refuse to give in and accept his childish behavior. Am I right, or am I right?

So… this is why boys stink, sometimes. Tomorrow, I’m sure everything will be back to normal and they will be great. But today… they are all on my bad list!


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  1. Erin

    They always turn into a bigger deal than they are supposed to. Did you at least get your clothing worked out? 🙂

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