Spending Valentine’s Day…. with Cliff

Valentine’s Day is that one day a year that is set aside specifically for those that love each other… to show that love. While everyday should be Valentine’s Day, this is the Love God’s way of reminding men to celebrate the woman in their life.. at least for one day.

I do have a Valentine… it’s unfortunate that he is three hours away from me, though! I got a nice text at 8:20 this morning from my Valentine wishing me a “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I then came to work and immediately searched for the perfect Valentine’s E-Card. I wish that I could say I will be able to see my Valentine today so we can go out to eat a lovely, expensive dinner and I would get tons of flowers.

This is not the case, though.

I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my coworker, Cliff. His Valentine is also about 3-4 hours away. I know for a fact that his Valentine is getting some gorgeous flowers (a nice array of roses and tulips and maybe stargazer lilies, since they are her favorite – never heard of them, but they are her favorite). Since my Valentine and I decided no gifts this year, only cards, I suggested to Cliff that I would have no problem if he wanted to send me flowers as well.

He thought that my Valentine might have a problem with that.



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3 responses to “Spending Valentine’s Day…. with Cliff

  1. Jenna

    Oh well, V-Day is overrated anyway 🙂 BUT I hope you have a happy one!

  2. Kristen

    Amen Jenna!

  3. Erin

    She must be a stickler. I only get flowers from my dad…

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