Must Be Something in the Midwest Water…

I’m not even kidding! I now know five people that are going to be giving birth to children this coming summer and one that just had a baby yesterday. This all means that I will have six newborn babies (and a few 1+ year olds) at my wedding in August.

My cousin Michelle will be having a baby in May. My cousin Megan will follow up with a baby in June, immediately followed by my friend Jenny who is due in the middle of June. Megan Holding, a friend of mine and Matt’s, is due in June and I just found out that my good pal Tami from Wichita State is pregnant and due at the end of July.

I am in love with the idea of “getting married” and everything that comes with it. I can’t imagine what the feeling is like when you find out you are going to bring another human being into the world, raise it and hope like hell that it turns out OK. That’s just alot more pressure!!! 🙂

To all my prego cousins and friends, congrats times a million! You are all going to be (and some already are) such amazing and wonderful moms… your little one’s are already luckiest babes in the world!

Here’s to the moms-to-be… and to all of those that will buy you presents and be content with that for now! 🙂


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