Unlucky in Sin City…

Last night, we arrived in Las Vegas around 10:45 aka 12:45 central time — insert many yawns, I was very tired! I’m not here for pleasure, Im here for busines. The women’s basketball team plays Southern Utah Saturday evening in Cedar City, Utah. I think its hilarious that we’re staying at a casino – the Golden Nugget, pretty nice digs – and the school is PAYING for it! Actually, as we were walking through last night, some people were cheering as we walked in (old people = booze = loud) for the girls, but I overheard one of them say, “I can’t believe that ORU is paying for them to be here…” My thoughts exactly!

BUT the reason we are here, other than the fact that this is the head coach’s version of heaven (apparently his weakness is gambling and buffets!), is because when we go to play in Cedar City, there is a big altitude change and it takes two hours for your body to get accustomed to it. That’s why we’re just going to get there, play and come back. Makes sense… in a strange way!

We’ve only been here for about 12 hours and I my bad luck has already peeped it ugly head in.

I was admiring my ring this morning (I do this alot, I’m weird) and was just thinking how amazing it is that the little diamonds stay in place. Not kidding you, I looked a little closer and ONE OF THEM WAS MISSING! Unbelievable — I’ve had this thing for just over two months and I’m already losing diamonds. Brutal.

I was calm for a second until I called Matt then started bawling. He was completely calm…. he has insurance on it and a guarantee that they’ll replace diamonds so he says its not a big deal! Although it did make me feel a bit better, knowing it can be replaced without having to pay something for it, it is a big deal! I was just sad that something like this has happened to me already…

Secondly, the Monte Carlo casino was on fire. No, we’re not staying there nor have we been there yet, but the girls were supposed to be back from practice by now, but I’m afraid they might be stuck in traffic right now. No shopping for me… for awhle I suppose!

We’ll see what else can happen in the next 48 hours…..


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One response to “Unlucky in Sin City…

  1. Erin

    I have also always wondered how they stay in place…

    I’m going to need a starter ring from Wal-Mart. My dad bought me the extended warranty on my TV because he told the guy I am hard on life.

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