One of Those Days You Won’t Forget…

It started off like any normal Thanksgiving Break. Up early because there is only so much kicking you can take when you sleep next to your little sister. Lots of TV watching because there isn’t usually anything else to do. But that day, I felt like making a pie. Strange, since I NEVER want to bake! But today was different… So, I went to the store, bought my supplies, went back home and started in on my apple pie. Matt and Wrigley stopped by on their way out to Matt’s house. And as usual, Wrigley sprinted in, searching for a cat to chase and some cat food to eat!

We decided to go out to dinner in Bartlesville earlier in the week and were trying to decide on a movie… and eventually just said we’d skip the movie and look for Christmas lights. So Matt said bye and back I went to my apple pie making. Little did I know (though EVERYONE else did know) that that would be our last visit as just boyfriend and girlfriend.

I told Matt I would meet him at his house around 5. I was hanging with the fam and realized at about 5 that I was late… but this is nothing new! I’m always late! I told the fam that I was leaving to go to Matt’s and they all started booing me and couldn’t believe I was leaving them. I actually felt bad, but said bye and off I went to Matt’s. From what I learned later in the evening, as soon as I left, they all started cheering and jumping up and down… they knew something that I did not.

Got out to Matt’s and he was looking dapper. We watched a few minutes of the OSU basketball game, which I could have cared less about, put Wrigley in his kennel and were off. All week, Matt had been telling me he wanted to show me some land that him and his brother had been thinking about buying. I said fine, knowing that most likely, he would change his mind about this land again because that is what Matt does. Changes his mind… alot!

Anyway, on to this land we drove (land that has no roads – they were trails), and drove… and drove some more. At one point, when Matt was getting out to go unlock yet another gate, I said outloud to myself, “What the hell are we doing?” I was just finding this a little pointless — he was wanting to show me a pond that him and his brother fish at and it was getting dark and I was getting annoyed! He eventually starts driving in circles which is when I ask him what he is doing. He says, “Well, I have a surprise for you!” And being my mother’s daughter, I exlcaim, “Boulevard Wheat?!” No, was his response, followed by, “Wow, you are your mother’s daughter!”

He had me get out of the car and move to the back of the 4-Runner, where he had hot chocolate and a blanket. We hopped in the back and I wrapped up because it was freezing! We sat and chatted for awhile… about nothing really important — where should we go to eat, why hadn’t I brought a coat, the usual. He told me to let him know when I was done with the hot chocolate, but I was taking my time… it was really good hot chocolate!

When I was done, he told me he had one more surprise for me. It was a note slash poem he had written for me, which is when I knew what was happening. The note talked about how excited he had been for this day and how long he knew I had been waiting for it. I started to tear up while reading the letter and when I was done just sat there for a second to grasp what was about to happen. Matt hopped out of the car and got down on his knee and out came the little box and those four words that I really had been waiting to hear for so long… “Will you marry me?” Ofcourse, more tears followed by a Yes!, followed by lots of hugging and remarks of “Holy cow! This is real!” from me. I finally let him get off of his bad knee and we sat there for awhile, letting it all sink in. It was a feeling I have never felt before and I absolutely loved every second of it… as did he.

Next I asked if I could call my mom, which is when he said he thought it would nice if we could wait until Thanksgiving to tell our families. Woah… that would be hard, so he agreed to let me call my sister, but since there is no service anywhere near Matt’s house, that would have to wait a bit! So, we continued on our journey to Bartlesville. Matt called the restaurant to get a reservation. They said it would be a 20-30 minute wait, so he thought it would be nice to drive around and look at Christmas lights. Oddly enough, no one had Christmas lights on! That plan didn’t work so well, so we headed to the restaurant. We walk in the door and head to our table… I’m looking around at all the empty tables and wondering why there was a 20-30 minute wait and then look up and low and behold, there sat my family and Matt’s family. Those dirty people had made me feel bad about leaving them when really, they had known all along what was going on!

The tears came again… I think I was just in so much shock that he had pulled all of this off without me knowing! Everyone was so excited and I was just so happy to have everyone there… and not have to wait to tell them that we were engaged!

So that is the story… I don’t think it could have gone any better. I’m just so happy that in nine short months, we will be moving on to the next portion of our lives together, rather than apart! What a great feeling!

Now… we are starting a “Donate to the Wedding” fund ASAP. Let me know if you are interested! 🙂



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3 responses to “One of Those Days You Won’t Forget…

  1. Megan


  2. Erin

    This is just so exciting. I am literally giddy and exclamation points will not do it justice.

  3. TransplantedOkie

    That was one of the sweetest things I have ever read. Congratulations – you are lucky to have each other.

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