Cattle Sales and Life

I know nothing about cows and I have never been one to fight that. To farmers, they are cattle… to me, they are all cows. The spotted ones — yeah, those are chocolate milk cows.

Now, I do know that the spotted cows don’t really produce chocolate milk, but it drives Matt insane that I say that to him. This weekend, he tried to teach me that they are called holsteins… can I just say that calling them chocolate milk cows is way better than what they are really called!

Anywho, all of this cow – cattle… whatever – talk is being brought up because the Clark family had their big “Cattle sale” on Monday. Hillcrest Genetics. That is the name of their company… all I know is that they had 450 cows – or head of cattle to be politically correct – to be sold and most of them were sold so it was a successful day.

I was not around for the big sale… I did go home Sunday to see Matt, which didn’t happen until 7ish that night. I called at 5:30 and told his brother that it was getting dark soon and shouldn’t they be done soon — no, he says… when it gets dark, they bring out lights. Geez.

Grandma Donna had wanted me to come out on Saturday and help peel potatoes, something I have probably only done once in my life and it was probably in Sally Whited’s kitchen for a 4-H cooking class I took (that obviously didn’t teach me very much!). Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it), I had to work Saturday. But I was guilted later that night when Matt says to me, “Well, you can come out tomorrow afternoon and help out if you want. I won’t be around, but Chelsi (Michael’s girlfriend) is coming out to help.” Chelsi, I love you dear girl, but you are KILLING me… and making me look bad so we’ve got to try and get on the same page, friend!

It all comes down to the fact that I am a townie. I am not country. There is not one ounce of country in me. I hate dirt roads, I hate gross insects that only come into your house when you live on a farm, I don’t like to hear animals howling at the moon in the middle of the night, and I like clean water (I only say that one because the one time I had to stay on the farm, they had smelly water and its freaked me out forever!). I know this is something that is troublesome to Matt since he can do both town and country – but he knows me! He knows that I don’t like any of the above…

I hope he knows what the word compromise means because if I ever have to move back so he can take over the farm, he will be doing alot of it! I’ve already requested all roads be paved.

Feasible, right?



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5 responses to “Cattle Sales and Life

  1. Erin

    Sally Whited’s kitchen! Before we went into her living room to knit slippers…

    Well, y’all knitted slippers and I never got off of the potholder…

  2. Jenna

    I don’t even know where to begin on this post. I almost fell out of my chair about six times, and then again when I came to the comments and thought about Erin’s poor slippers…

  3. Ally_H

    Poor Erin…
    I don’t remember your slippers friend, but I can tell you the reason that you were stuck on the potholder is because you were Talkie Talkerson! And its making me laugh because seriously, that is the true reason as to why you were a slow knitter… HAA!!!! 🙂

  4. TransplantedOkie

    She comes by it honestly. All my knitting looks like a big amoeba…but I will have a great story to tell you about it!

  5. Erin

    I know! I was a horrible knitter because I couldn’t concentrate AND talk. You don’t remember my slippers because I literally never finished the stupid purple potholder.

    This was also why I was always in the corner and sitting at recess in Mrs. William’s class. Rough.

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