Missing My Peeps…

Last night, I got to meet up with Brittney in Owasso for a lovely dinner at Chili’s. I worked with Brit at Wichita State in the media relations office and then we lived together last year. She is finishing up her fourth year in the office and will graduate with her undergrad degree in December. And she just recently got engaged to Robby Rob.

It was so great to see her… we hadn’t seen each other since my last day in the office before I left for Tulsa five months ago. So it was great to get caught up! Unfortunately for us, we were mainly connected through work. But as I have said many times before, everyone in the media relations office had become my second family since we saw each other more than our real families! We talked about what all was going on in the office, Larry (the boss man and Mr. Procrastinator)and the ‘new guys’ who joined the office after the departure of myself and Tomarra.

After our dinner and chat, we headed our separate ways. It was great to see her… and made me miss all of my Wichita people even more than I already do. I was lucky to see Tami on Tuesday when she made the trip with the volleyball team and I did get to see everyone else a few weeks ago when I stopped in the office before we left for Vegas… but I just miss them. They were such a big part of my life… and still are.

Thanks for meeting me for dinner, Brit!

P.S. The Hills’ clan is invading Stillwater, OK this weekend…. watch out Bullet!



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2 responses to “Missing My Peeps…

  1. Jenna


  2. TransplantedOkie

    Big Art will be there waving the wheat at every first down!

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