Losing a Little Piece of my Past…

Most of the Barnes side of my family will be making their way to grand Sedan for the weekend, but our reasoning for gathering isn’t really for the fun and loud times that we usually have together when we are all in Sedan (although I’m sure fun and loud will still be apart of the weekend — how can it be avoided with this group of people). Their reasoning for making the voyage to Sedan is because this is the weekend we are having a sale at my grandma Dean’s house to get rid of the ‘extra’ stuff (and she has alot of ‘extra’ stuff) that nobody claimed as their own!

The house has been sold to my good pal Brett Dickens and his wife Katy. It’s only right that he gets the house after the many things he had to deal with when it came to my grandma!

But its so strange… this house will no longer be apart of our family. So many amazing, wonderful things filled with nothing but laughter and stories happened in that house. But in a day, it will not be our house anymore.

Ofcourse memories stay with you forever… this house was where we learned ‘Settlers of Catan’ and made it a Christmas tradition, we introduced ‘Newt’ into our family at this house, my grandpa got sick in this house and when we found out he had passed away, we were at this house, my brother and tons of neighborhood hoodlums invented a new form of baseball that involved a whiffle ball bat and a tennis ball and played numerous games in that backyard, we tried to start the ‘Barnes Bowl’ tradition with my uncle Kevin in the front yard (but that one fell through after the first game), Jack, Jordan and I played church in the front living room, I fell in love with Aunt Sherron’s goolash in that kitchen… to name a few.

Everything has been divvied up… Seth had his name on EVERYTHING, even Uncle Woody’s pictures (funny thing is that even though he was kidding, he’s really getting those!).

I know that this will be hard on everyone, but probably my mom the most. She has had to deal with the pain of her parent’s decline first-hand. Yes, in a way, this will be a bit of a relief, one less thing she has to deal with. But just another blow that this is all real.

So… after all of the wine that my Uncle Steve will bring up from Texas has been drunk, our family will lose a house that has been filled with so much love and laughter. But we have the memories… and I think deep down, that’s really all that matters!



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3 responses to “Losing a Little Piece of my Past…

  1. TransplantedOkie

    My prayers will be with you and your family while you face this task. Give your mom a hug for me.

  2. Erin

    I’m pretty sure I have received some medical attention in that house…I seem to remember a hateful skinned knee and Dean blowing on it to take the sting out…

    Only in Sedan can you give a piece of YOUR family to another family you know so well and it all turns out a little more ok.

    Love to you all, tell the Barnes’ I said hi!

  3. Megs

    I know this isn’t really commenting on this blog…but I can’t beleive you haven’t written about your birthday or the big win over Texas….
    I get bored at work Al and need something to read!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Heart you!!

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