I’ve Been a Bad Blogger…

I was told yesterday by my good pal Megan that I had not posted on my blog in awhile and I realized she was quite right. Geez, it’s been about two weeks… the sad thing is, not much has happened in those two weeks.
Let’s see….
– Had a surprise party for Matthew… he turned 26! Yowzers! It was a great party and it’s amazing that I kept it a secret for over a month. The best part of the night was when one of Matt’s buddies kept buying shots and had everyone take them, including Patty Clark, but really, Matt was the only one taking the shot, while everyone else was taking water. Later he asked, “Hey (slurred words)… did you know (slurred) that everyone else was drinking (slurred) water?” It was at that point that I told Matt no more shots because I really didn’t want to take care of his 26-year-old butt all night!
– Made my first road trip with the volleyball team to Arkansas. They lost, but it was quite an entertaining trip. Three-fourths of the team is from either Brazil or Croatia (we have a Nebraska girl squeezed in there). Even if they aren’t trying to be funny, its still funny because of their accents. I need to grow up!
– Lauren has made it through two full weeks of college… and is LOVING it. Loves her classes, her friends, Kappa… She is really surprising the heck out of alot of people! All I have to say is that I had faith in her the whole time… 🙂 My only complaint is that her first act as a Kappa was to show one of her new Kappa buddies my sick freshman year composite picture in which I looked like a racoon.
– And last but not least, the countdown for my birthday has begun! Three weeks and three days and I’ll be 25… I’m one of the few people that enjoys getting older! This, I think, will probably only last a few more years. And usually when I’m in Manhattan, I wish I was 20 again. But other than that, I think 25 will be a great year!
Speaking of Manhattan… can’t wait for the first home football game. Will be traveling up there early Saturday morning for a nice, long day of tailgating. Can life get much better than this?! 🙂



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2 responses to “I’ve Been a Bad Blogger…

  1. Erin

    You’re so old.


  2. TransplantedOkie

    You cannot possibly be turning 25. That would mean that I am REALLY old!

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