I Had a Bad Day…

It’s weird… Monday seemed to just fly right by, which is not the norm. Monday’s are usually the worst! But not this week. Tuesday was just a bad day.

First of all, it took FOREVER to get to 5 o’clock… at 3:45, I just started staring at the clock, watching the seconds tick by until it was 5! So, finally 4:55 gets here, and I’m out the door (it was close enough to 5!).

I decide to skip Curves… which ended up being a horrible idea. I drive on, get into bad traffic, which I hate because I have major road rage! Finally get past 81st and Mingo, but still stuck in traffic. I slow to stop because of the line of cars ahead of me that have done the same. The car behind me stops, but the car behind her did not do as he as supposed to and ran right into her, which in turn, led her to run right into me.

I drop a couple of unpublicizable words and get out of my car. We all decide to move over to the side of the road (if we didn’t, we would probably back up traffic for miles since we were in a construction zone because they are ALWAYS working on the roads in Tulsa, but never really fixing anything!). The lady who hit me got out of her car and was crying her eyes out. She had just finished up with her chemotherapy for the week so was already having the worst day EVER! The guy that hit her was a little off — had the shakes… but said he was OK, then dropped the line that he’s leaving for Iraq soon and he was so, so sorry. What the heck do you say to that? You can’t really get mad…

So… that’s how I ended my day.

Should have went to Curves…



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2 responses to “I Had a Bad Day…

  1. TransplantedOkie

    Wow, you DID have a bad day – sorry about the wreck. Hope you are OK and the car is only slightly wacked.

    I firmly believe that there is a law on the books in Oklahoma that road construction be never ending and completely futile.

  2. Erin

    State Symbol = Orange cone

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