It only took me a week and three days (while others finished in about 5 hours), but I finally finished the seventh and final Harry Potter book.

I will not let out any secrets of the book. But I will say that this has been my favorite book! There was SO much in it… my head literally hurt when I finally put it down after finishing the final page.

Major kudos to JK Rowling for not doing what I thought she would do. If she had done what I thought she would do, I would have to do something to her that I don’t like to do! (Makes sense, right?!)

So now I will return to ‘normal’ books (normal = nothing revolving around the wizarding world, it also = boring)… I hope Jenna has a list for me!


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  1. TransplantedOkie

    I am on book 6. I am just about OD’d on Harry, but I am not giving up now!

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