Back to Kappa…

Recently, I have noticed that I have spoken alot about my sorority. I guess I have had lots of reasons to talk about it:
1) Jenna’s wedding – ALL of our great sorority sisters were there. Three full tables of them!
2) Lauren is going through Rush – so exciting! I have been on the national Kappa website as well as K-State’s greek affairs website way too many times! I soak in as much info as I can to pass on to my sister — who probably could care less and has NO clue what I’m talking about!
3) I have joined the Tulsa Kappa alumni association!

I joined the alumni association in Wichita when I lived there, but never attended meetings. I blame this on the fact that I had people there to keep me entertained. In Tulsa, I literally have no one! So I thought I really needed to dig in and find some friends. I will attend my first get-to-know-you event on Tuesday, July 31 and I’m so excited! I have already adopted an active — TU has a Kappa chapter so I’ve bought cute Kappa gifts to give to them for recruitment.

I’m sure it will be a little strange… since I will know NO one! But I do have one thing in common with them.

Plus I can sing songs and snap around them as much as I’d like and they won’t think I’m crazy because they will completely understand!

Here’s to my sisters… Here’s to the blue and blue and to the owl, the key and the fleur de lis! (Name that tune…)



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3 responses to “Back to Kappa…

  1. TransplantedOkie

    Rush. The dreaded word. I spent waaaayyy too many days and nights at the Phi Mu house in Norman during Rush at OU to soon forget it. The skits, the songs, the chants, the threatening everyone to look happy or ELSE!

    Ah yes, I remember it well.

  2. Erin

    Mother, there was never an OR ELSE because we were always all so happy to be there.

    And don’t pretend you weren’t singing along in the kitchen.

  3. TransplantedOkie

    Make that loudly and proudly in the kitchen.

    That’s when I wasn’t on covert missions checking out the other houses.

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