My Biggest Fear…

On Friday at midnight, my favorite book series of all-time will release the seventh and final book of a collection that, at one point, really made me consider dropping out of college to go in search of this mysterious school.

Yes… I am a Harry Potter nerd. I admit it… it’s an undeniable obsession that comes upon me as soon as the new book or latest movie comes out. And my biggest fear is that the media is going to screw this last book up for me.

You see, the last book had me at a very high emotional state. I cried and cried and cried… it was a tear-jerker. They had killed off an important character, and obviously from the tears, I couldn’t handle it.

This time, they are apparently killing off two more important people and I am afraid that as soon as the book comes out, it will be posted EVERYWHERE of which character who dies, which I don’t want to know until I read the book! And unfortunately, I have a job that prohibits me from having the entire day to read the book from start to finish, like all of the other 12-year-olds will get to do. (She better not kill off Ron or I’m going to have to write a letter.)

So… I might not be watching TV until after I finish the book. OK, that’s a lie… I just might be watching a lot of Law and Order because they won’t spill the beans!

I’m not sure what will happen to the Harry Potter Lovers of the World after the last book is released. They will all congregate again when the final two movies are released. But… then what?

I guess I’ll just have to wait for the theme park… can you imagine?!! Diagon Alley, Bertie Bott’s Jelly Beans galore. I can’t wait…

This could be a disorder… 🙂



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4 responses to “My Biggest Fear…

  1. TransplantedOkie

    I have an even more horrific confession: I have never read any of the Harry Potter books. Up until now it has been like a badge of honor, but now I am starting to feel like a freak.

  2. knicksgrl0917

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  3. Erin

    If she kills Ron, Hermione, OR Harry then there will be a STRONGLY worded letter.

    I think Neville is going to bite it though.

    Are you going at midnight? Because I am. And I am considering skipping my weekend class in order to read.

  4. TransplantedOkie

    OK – I have finished the first three books so I am not quite the freak I started out as, and can probably hold a somewhat intelligent conversation about Harry et al.

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