Day One of Moving…

I hate moving. It’s just such a big pain in the rear for more reasons than one. Let me list them for you:

1) You forget how much “crap” you actually own.
2) But you don’t want to throw any of that “crap” away because somehow everything has sentimental value.
3) When you live on the first floor of an apartment complex, moving sucks.
4) But when you move to the THIRD FLOOR of an apartment complex, the first floor was not bad at all.
5) Once you get to the new apartment, there is no storage so all of the “crap” must go into the very large walk-in closet…that is not a walk-in anymore because there is “crap” filling it up.

I must quote/unquote crap because its not really crap — its stuff that you never want to throw away like old birthday cards, movie stubs, t-shirts from college, etc. But its the stuff that you have no room for and nowhere for it to go.

So…I have been into my new apartment in Tulsa. When I filled out the application a week ago, I was going to be in an apartment that had a very nice view of the courtyard. A few days later, I get a call that that apartment had actually already been leased, so I will get the apartment…with the view of 81st street. And my luck follows me to Oklahoma…

The moving company will move my stuff in to the apartment on Friday afternoon. So I will trek back to Tulsa for that then come back home for Jenna’s bridal shower on Saturday. And then Sunday, I’m there for good. It’s a very strange feeling…saying goodbye to everyone in the office was extremely hard. Saying goodbye to Matt was…geez, it hasn’t hit me just yet that I won’t get to see him everyday anymore.

Well…here’s to the day that I won’t have to move anymore. And here’s to the next moving company I will be calling when I do have to move again!


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One response to “Day One of Moving…

  1. TransplantedOkie

    I am sure that you have been given the speech about how it is an adventure and all that BS. But moving is hard. Especially when you are moving away from people you love. (This is a subject I am well equipped to speak to.)

    Tulsa will eventually feel like “home.” Eventually.

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