The Ending of an Era: part Deux…

I know on a previous blog, I talked about the SCBL basketball tournament and me and Jordan’s travels to it, being our last. This weekend, another chapter ends in our family and another one begins.

My little sister Lauren is graduating.

About 15 minutes ago, she pulled up from her last day of high school. I started clapping, she smiled, then got a little sad. I did not for I am holding in all of my tears for Saturday. I think only one box of Kleenex will be needed, atleast I hope only one box!

It’s hard to believe how fast time has gone by. It seems like only weeks ago that Lauren came into this world! I was six at the time and remember the day quite well, actually. I knew something strange was going on when I walked into my parents room and my granmda was asleep in the bed rather than my mom and dad!

Since then, Lauren has went from being a baby who frequently scared the sh*t out of my mom (she had meningitis as a little, little baby), to the shy, quiet little girl who wouldn’t leave my mom’s side and whose best pal was Mrs. Doty, to the “I’m too cool for school” teenager who always wanted to go out to Jenna’s with me when I went (and I always said no!), but still never left my mom’s side, to a beautiful, 18 year old high school graduate, who is a social butterfly, still hangs out with Mrs. Doty and who is far from being by my mother’s side all the time (I’m not sure if my mom could tell you the last time Lauren was around for more than five minutes at a time!).

Although she is my little sister and still at times drives me crazy, I am not sure if I could be more proud of someone. As I have said before, her and my brother are at the top of my list when it comes to favorite people. They both have genuine hearts and are just fun people to be around.

So…the days of three Hills’ kids walking the halls of Sedan High School are over. My parents constant worrying is slightly over…we just need to get Lauren through her first semester of college!

Cheers to all of those who are graduating or have graduated…and to those that remember the day like it was yesterday!


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  1. TransplantedOkie

    holy crap i feel old

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