I hate airports…

I know that hate is a strong word and it should really never be used, but it must be used in this case.

I, Allyson Jane Hills, hate, loathe and despise airports. In the last week, I have flown twice in the last week and both times have been worst-case scenarios (exception to crashes–that really would be the worst-case scenario). Last week, on my home from San Francisco, at the mid-way point in Dallas, my flight was to take off at 9 p.m. Good thing that I went and checked the schedule because it turned to CANCELLED. Now, let’s all take a look back at the past two years of my life, reflect on how much money I don’t make, and think if Allyson had enough money to pay for a hotel, a shuttle or cab ride to the hotel and then a shuttle or cab ride BACK to the airport. This is a big, fat no. And since airlines don’t help pay for hotels that are “weather” related (I quote unquote because there was nothing wrong with the weather.), I was screwed. Finally, after taking a $20 shuttle ride all around the Fort Worth area, I decided I would just stay at the airport. Yet, I still had to pay my $20 shuttle fee. Slept in the airport. It sucked. The end…or so I thought!

Today, I got to the Normal airport early. Go to the the United Airlines line, and it is a mile long, which I was told was unusual in that airport. I wait and wait…and wait, finally get to the ticket counter and the obnoxious worker tells me that my flight is delayed until 5:30 (it was currently 3 p.m. and I was to leave at 4:08). Fine, I say, as long as I don’t miss my connecting flight from Chicago to Wichita. “Oh, you’ll be fine!”, the obnoxious worker says. Sure…we don’t end up leaving until 6 p.m. Get to Chicago. Flight, that was to leave at 7:55, is delayed until 9:30. Here we go!

My mom told me that there is no way that I can end up sleeping in the airport twice in one week.

She doesn’t remember that my string of good luck lasted for only one night.

Will Allyson get to Wichita tonight? Or will she spend yet another night in an airport….stay tuned!


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