Decisions, decisions…

After alot of tears (because I like to cry alot), I finally decided on my future.

Life throws you alot of curveballs…apparently, one knocked me straight south because I have decided to take the job at Oral Roberts. I am very excited, very nervous, very curious…and ofcourse very sad to be leaving what has become home to me. My coworkers were all excited for my news…and probably happy I wasn’t going to their nemesis (well, atleast Jordan’s) Illinois State.

Matt and I talked last night about what we want for our future and finally, it all came down to my gut feeling. After I left Tulsa last Monday, I knew that it would be tough for anyone to compete with them. They resemble what I have become so used to in Wichita and if that is the type of environment I work best in, why would I go somewhere that I don’t feel comfortable at?

So now it’s time to start looking for a place to live. I’ve done a little research on townhomes in the south Tulsa and Jenks areas. I’m very tired of apartment living and would love my own space…with a yard, so when Matt and Wrigley come visit, Wrigley will have a place to run around! I found a place in Jenks, but know that I just need to get down there and start driving around to look for places.

I can’t really believe that in less than a month, I will be in Tulsa, at a new job and in a new environment. I only hope that the rest of the puzzle pieces to my life will start to fall in place.

I’m pretty confident that they will!



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3 responses to “Decisions, decisions…

  1. Kristen

    Congrats! Zoe will miss you terribly, and so will I!

  2. Erin

    I’m so excited! I have tons of people in Tulsa that are all willing tot ake in a Wildcat…

  3. Lacy

    Congratulations dear! I’m glad you’ll still be close to home. But, unfortunately, you are now responsible for picking me up at the airport everytime I fly into Tulsa… Kidding!

    Love ya! See you for dah weddin!

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