10 days later…

Sorry for my lack of posting for the past week and a half. Needless to say, I have been a busy girl!

First off, I have to say…. I’m DONE WITH SCHOOL! It’s so great to get to say that and truly mean it. But ofcourse there is the other side to that — getting a job, which is what has consumed for the past week and a half. Let me give you a recap:

Last Monday, I was in Tulsa at Oral Roberts University and loved it! I felt very comfortable with the staff there and feel that I could fit in very well. The area that ORU is in is a great spot and it’s not too far from home, as in only an hour and a half away. I was actually offered the job on Thursday and I am to let them know by Tuesday what I’m leaning towards.

Wednesday, I was in San Francisco. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Tons to do! EXPENSIVE! FAR AWAY! I really did love San Fran and the people in the Pac-10 office. Everyone was very friendly and had nothing but good things to say about the area, other than the priceyness (is that word?!) of it. I was offered this position on Friday and have to let them know Tuesday what I’m leaning towards.

Saturday, I graduated! It was such a great day. I was surrounded by my favorite people (other than my friends that could not attend) with my entire family being there, Jenna, her parents, and Josh, Matt and his family, my buddies Jordan and Tomarra (and T doggs flame, Mark), Kristen, her hubby and baby Zoe (who was SUCH a good baby the entire night!). We had so much fun, ate alot of food, drank alot of beer (except for Jordan, who arrived with his vanilla vodka!) and just enjoyed one another’s company. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, just wish I wouldn’t have had to write a track story! So is my life…

And now, I’m in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois. I just wrapped up dinner with Todd Kober, the sports information director at Illinois State and his family. He has two children: Anna who is 2 and Halas who is 4 months old. I had a great time with them and really enjoyed dinner and getting to meet and hang out with the kiddos! Tomorrow I meet with a load of different people, including my uncle Woody’s college buddy, Sheahon Zenger, who is the AD here at Illinois State. I’m excited to get a tour of the area and very nervous about falling in love with it. I hate making decisions and I’m scared I’m going to have to make a tough one within 24 hours.

So….this has been my life since last week. It’s been a whirlwind and at 9:30 tomorrow night, when I am back in Wichita, I will be the happiest girl in the world! This week will also be crazy, but LOTS of fun with the entire fam coming in for Lauren’s graduation, which is a whole ‘nother post!

Happy Sunday!

PS. The picture is Reggie Redbird, Illinois State’s mascot. ‘Ol Reg!


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